Hi, my name is Aurélie. I started my yoga journey in studio Groene Vallei, finding a second home here as I tried to participate almost daily in the yoga classes. I started yoga as a big part of my journey of healing and returning home to myself and my body. Yoga means union, or integration. Healing means to become whole. Both are more than often the same thing for me. For me this journey is about getting back in touch with our bodies wisdom, getting to know ourselves intimately, self-trust and empowerment, becoming more alive in the present and letting go of what doesn’t serve us. It’s about connection and community. Sometimes in my classes we’ll challenge ourselves, try new things and play, sometimes we’ll slow down and take our time to feel, explore, or simply relax and recharge.
Whatever class and whatever we do, I encourage you to feel your body, find your inner strength and calmness through your breath, follow your inner wisdom, try to open your mind and your heart to the experience and take home with you what you find useful. Nothing’s perfect, yet you are perfect as you are.
I did my initial teacher training with Yogalife in Ghent in 2016 – 2017. And I have done other trainings since after:
60hr Yoga Nidra training Yogalife (2017)
Continued education program Yogalife (2017 – 2018)
200hr TTC Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa (Bali, 2018)
50 hr teacher training Fascia and Breath (Ghent, 2019)
Breathwork immersion (Bali, 2019)
Thai Yoga Massage (beginner 1 and 2) with Thierry Bienfaisant
The Buddha Within advanced Thai massage with Till Heeg
Relaxation Therapy te Centrum Open Mind Lovendegem
& other workshops and coursesI have been teaching classes in Belgium and also assisting and teaching abroad while I was away travelling in Asia the past year. As I keep learning, I keep growing and try to implement and share the things I find helpful in my classes. Hoping they will serve you on your journey and our shared journey as a human family.